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Treviso & Stockholm: President and a Brownie


4 hours until my flight I arrive into Treviso train station, I have two options, go to the airport and sit around for 4 hours hoping that wifi would be free for longer than 30mins, or alternatively I could take a stroll around Treviso. As I waited at the bus stop about to board the typical suburban single-decker public bus something spurred me to not board, and thankfully I didn’t.

I set off wandering about this new city not expecting too much. Cross a bridge with a nice little building which looked like it could have once been a mill on the riverbank, now it has those famous M’s inscribed on every window, yes it’s a McDonald’s… Disappointed, I continued up the street passing some household named brands. Something was keeping me on this main street, which was uncharacteristic of me, getting lost in the side streets had become my thing in Venice, yet I continued walking. I passed by a few heavily armed policemen but paid no heed as Brussels had swarms of soldiers patrolling the main streets so maybe my fascination of armed police was depleting. Arriving at the Piazza dei Signori I notice a crowd building. I enquire as to what is going on and am informed that the President of Italy, Renzi, was due to appear from the town hall in a few minutes. So I stuck around and the President of Italy walked by me, deep within his posee of security personnel.

This experience came about all because of choosing not to board that bus. Funny how things just work out. As it turns out the airport only had 30mins free wifi.

On the flight from Treviso to Stockholm I was seated beside an intensely romantic Italian couple, very touchy and lovey-dovey for the entire flight. At the start of the flight he was stroking her arm gently and to be honest I was half tempted to offer my arm for the same treatment, but decided against it. The next day, strolling aimlessly around Gamla Stan, the old quarter of Stockholm, I decided to recharge my batteries in a coffee shop. Ordered an extremely over-priced brownie and took a seat. Looked to my left and who is perched beside me, none other than the Italian couple maintaining the same level of intensity and infatuation as on the flight. Of course, they didn’t recognise me because they probably never even looked at me on the flight they were so busy with each other.


Oisín Hoy

Oisín Hoy

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