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Web design that aligns with your brand and impresses your customers
trading online voucher free website design grant

Free money from the government for your website!

Sounds too good to be true, right. But amazingly it is real. Through your Local Enterprise Office (31 around Ireland), you can get a Trading Online Voucher up to €2,500. Over 10,000 were given out in 2020! I can help you with this process. Let’s get you some free money and a website that fits your brand!

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Dublin Unlocked

Website design for a Dublin-based tour guide recipient of the Trading Online Voucher grant

Irish Lifecoach Institute

Irish Lifecoach Institute

Life Coach Training Company Trading Online Voucher Website Redesign

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Custom built 1-page sign-up website for a new trainer platform business in Dublin

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Website redesign project for a behaviour change consultancy

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Realign Coaching & Healing

Website design for a new coaching and healing business

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Each client has different needs.
We'll work together to find the right mix for you

Web Design

Create your online home that fits your business and makes sense to you and your customers. Modernise your site with website redesign

Website Coaching

I'll help you to find the answers within yourself throughout the whole web design process. As a coach I believe you have the answers

Website Training

When the website has been designed I'll train you in on how to use it so that you can do the things you need to on the site yourself

Website Consultancy​

I'll take a look at your existing website and provide you with some tips on how to improve the design and user experience

Digital Marketing Strategy

I'll help you fit the website into a more holisitic online marketing strategy to align with your overall business goals

Social Media Training

Training on some of the important features that you might need for Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn to achieve your online goals

About the process

The process with me is very interactive. I believe you know what’s best for your business so you will have final say on the design, look-and-feel, and functionality of the website. Result: you to come away from the process with a website you are proud of and you feel like you were listened to, understood and respected.

Aim here is for me to get to know your business, your strategy, and how the website fits into the strategy

This helps me get a feel for the elements and features that you might want on your site

We also explore what you like/don’t like about your existing sites and about other sites

Aim here is to develop a content strategy to meet your needs

It’s important to know what content is going to be on the site and where it’s going to be displayed

Aim here is to design the site to your prefernece around the content

We want to find a design that fits your brand and that you’re happy with

Here I develop the new website based on the new design

Aim: equip you with the skills and information required to carry out the necessary website related tasks

Objective: leave you able to make the necessary changes to the site as per your needs

Outcome: you will be able to make the required changes to your site and won’t need to contact me each time you need to change something

When the site is ready we will publish the new site

You get to share your site and drive visitors to it

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About me

I love to help people develop themselves and their business ideas online and offline.

I’m a coach, trainer and web designer. I’m currently studying an MBA in Project Management at Dublin Business School.

Some of my qualifications include:

I’ve taught English in China and Poland, travelled to 60+ countries, speak a few languages and try to make the most of life!

As a Dubliner, (Clontarf born and bred) I enjoy having the craic as well as being professional. So we’ll have a bit of a laugh on our calls.

Before hiring a web designer watch this!

Some really important tips in this video on how to approach your web design project. Above all else, trust is key.
For more information, fill in the contact form at the bottom of this page and I’ll be in touch soon

Before hiring a web designer watch this!

Some really important tips in this video on how to approach your web design project. Above all else, trust is key.
For more information, fill in the contact form at the bottom of this page and I’ll be in touch soon

Trust is key!

I understand how frustrating it can be to get a service provider that doesn’t really get you and you don’t feel heard or understood. 

Lots of the web designers in the Irish market are not actually listening to their clients. This is resulting in websites that are not fit for purpose and clients feeling disappointed. 

Lots of the web design projects are being outsourced to teams overseas. Some companies are not telling their clients that they’re doing this! Recently, I reviewed a fellow coach’s website and saw it was designed by a company in Bangladesh. He was shocked. The ‘designer’ he hired never mentioned that to him. 

Trust is so important in web design relationships. I make sure to operate ethically, respectfully and transparently with my clients. I use my coaching skills and training to assess and meet the needs of my clients throughout our working relationship